Your writing wants you back.
Say yes.

You’ve made resolutions.
Bought stacks of new notebooks that never get filled.
And you’ve had it with guilt and self-flagellation.

This time, try seduction.

“5 simple ways to seduce the writing back into your life”
will give you the tools you need to nurture a real, sustainable writing practice in the midst of the chaos, deadlines and distractions of everyday life.

The quick, addictive steps of this approach will let you:

* Steal time every day for your writing. (Yes. Even with your crazy schedule.)

* Make distraction your secret weapon.

* Slip easily into your writer’s mind and let it pull you in.

* Create tiny pieces daily, and watch them evolve into work you can’t push aside.

* Fall in love with your writing again.

You could wait for time to open up … someday, or for the MacArthur grant to land in the mail. Or you can tap the satisfaction and joy of making writing an everyday affair.

Come play, beautiful writer person. Let the seduction begin!

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