Here’s what writers say about me:


“She transformed my book with lightning speed.”

I’ve worked with a number of editors in my life, but I have never found one as talented as Donna. As we shaped my new conflict-resolution book “Inside Out,” she was able to reorganize, capture my meaning in a simpler, clearer ways, and  give life to the material, making it accessible to a much broader audience than I could have done on my own.

Working with her was like a dream.  She seemed to respond almost instantly to every draft I sent her, with great questions and rewrites that actually transformed the book with lightning speed to make it more alive, personal and clear. She gave the book a flow that I had no idea was possible.

Through her gentle and direct questioning, Donna was able to draw ideas out of me that I didn’t know I had. I would not have thought that someone who didn’t know me or my work could understand and see the potential of the book to reach far beyond the professionals I had had in mind. But once done, the approach seemed so obvious that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it all along. She really understands the reader’s perspective.

Be prepared, if you hire Donna, to know that she will listen to you with amazing attentiveness and bring your thoughts to life in your voice. She has a profound understanding of how to make words, stories, and ideas jump off the page.”

—Gary J. Friedman, Co-founder, Center for Understanding in Conflict; Author, “Inside Out: How Conflict Professionals Can Use Self Reflection To Help Their Clients,” American Bar Association/Harvard Program on Negotiation (PON).


“She deeply understands
the writer’s journey.”

Donna has a writer’s soul and an editor’s ear and eye. She is intuitive, meticulous and inspiring. As a collaborator and editor, she deeply understands the writer’s journey, the twists and turns encountered on the way, the many choices to sort through, and here—the rare thing—she knows how to help convey that expanse on the page: She’s uniquely talented at getting to the heart of the matter so that the journey feels deep and lived-in but expressed with economy and power.

—Lynell George, Journalist, Contributor to KCET Artbound.
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“I credit Donna with making my writing career possible.”

After my agent B.J. Robbins sold my memoir, “Maneater and Other True Stories of a Life in Infectious Diseases,” to Renaissance Books, my co-author quit the project and it looked like the book deal was going to fall through. In stepped Donna. What I wanted was an editor who would take the time to teach me as we went along and who would only co-write the parts that were beyond my skill. The resulting book was the synergistic fusion of my writer’s voice and Donna’s deft help as teacher, editor, and co-writer. A paperback edition of the book was published by St. Martin’s Press under the title, “The Woman with a Worm in Her Head.”

Donna taught me so well, that I was able to work entirely independently on my second book, “Bitten: True Medical Stories of Bites and Stings,” which was published by St. Martin’s Press. Both books have been successful and are still in print. I credit Donna with making possible my career as a writer and I will always remember with gratitude the six months that I had the benefit of her kind and competent support.

—Pamela Nagami, M.D., Author, “The Woman with a Worm in Her Head,” St. Martin’s Press.
“One of the best experiencesreed
of my 25 years in journalism”

Working with Donna Frazier as my editor at the L.A. Times was one of the best experiences of my 25 years in journalism. Her extraordinary talent set benchmarks for what an editor should be.

Donna is not only brilliant at helping her writers to conceptualize difficult stories and bring them to fruition, but also a superb line editor and wordsmith. She sets high standards, and her unfailingly kind, patient and thoughtful manner makes those who work with her strive to do their very best.

She possesses a very rare combination of knowledge of what makes for great reporting and a keen sensitivity to the nuances and poetry of language. She inevitably made my work more thoughtful, authoritative and gracefully written than it would have been otherwise.

—Reed Johnson, reporter, The Wall Street Journal
“An uncanny ability to see intolouise
the heart of one’s writing”

My journey in writing my memoir, “The Souvenir”, about my father’s service in the Pacific War, was immeasurably aided by Donna Frazier’s astute editing. Early in the writing process, Donna read through my manuscript. She wrote detailed notes, suggesting connections I couldn’t yet see myself. Her encouragement and poetic insight were crucial to my being able to persevere in the long process of writing my book.

Her notes were like a map to which I could refer when I got lost. She has an uncanny ability to see into the core of one’s writing. She helped me zero in on what was relevant to my story and where in the text I could delve deeper to find meaning. I recommend her without reservation as an editor, writing coach and consultant.

—Louise Steinman, Author, The Souvenir: A Daughter Discovers Her Father’s War,  Algonquin Books; North Atlantic, and “The Crooked Mirror: A Memoir of Polish-Jewish Reconciliation.”
“Our book remains a best seller
in its genre.”

Working with Donna Frazier was an educationally enlightening experience. Wanting to write a book, and actually being capable of writing one, are two very differing things. Though my imagination and background were willing and fertile, my skill set as a want-to-be writer left a great deal to be desired. Donna calmly guided me step-by-step through the process from outline to end product. Her heart and intellect kept me in balance and on track.

“Set Your Voice Free” created a bidding war between several of the top publishers in New York City, and we received a six-figure advance. Published in 1999, it remains a bestseller in its genre today and we are updating it for a new 2015 edition. It has been translated into Italian, Japanese and Korean, and there are offers from around the world still coming in. I consider the book and my collaboration with Donna to be a huge success. If you are on the fence about working with an editor, coach or co-writer, get off of it! Stop procrastinating and start writing with a real professional.

—Roger Love, Voice and influence expert,  Author, “Set Your Voice Free,” Little Brown.

What’s it like to work closely with an editor as a coach and partner? Here’s one writer’s description:

In an act as solitary and sometimes frightening as writing is, a good editor is a resting spot in the wide, sometimes choppy, sea of process. It’s a place where a writer can go to ask questions, have conversations, probe possibilities. Good editors are sounding boards. They expand the way you think about the idea; they help you to shape and sharpen your ideas.

The best editors—and Donna Frazier is one of them—are with you throughout your process, helping you to consider the various paths you might be setting out upon, considering the internal logic of a piece, playing around with language and specific words that help to edge the piece toward the final, polished endpoint.

As an L.A.-based journalist, I’ve worked with Donna for more than fifteen years, on newspaper feature pieces, long-form essays and profiles both for the Los Angeles Times Magazine and the paper’s various features sections including Calendar. We’ve put together straight-forward news stories on deadline and often, even the tougher, more elliptical features with more protracted deadlines. We’ve played around with form and the page and considered new ways into stories that would make for a fresh take on not just on storytelling, but convey an entirely different type of result: a story that was sparkled with surprises.

I never felt alone or adrift. After I emerged from the part of the writing process that requires you to be alone with your findings and thoughts, I always knew that I wasn’t going to be left in those choppy seas. There would be a place to go to talk about what I found, a place that allowed the changing story to clarify through the process of conversation, questions and answers, swapping and inserting, looking for the most precise word, example, quote.

The editing process isn’t about ferreting out mistakes: It’s about attaining clarity—both within the mind and on the page.

Donna is the rare partner who deeply understands both sides of this process.

—Lynell George