Immerse yourself in a great book. Yours.

There’s something that won’t leave you alone.

The manuscript in the drawer. The story you’ve been refining for years by pouring your life into it. The vision you’re ready to take to the world.

It’s your next step—the book you were meant to write.

It’s never far from your mind. You know it’s the best part of you, the message you’re here to deliver. Now you need a plan to make it happen, a way to shape your drafts and notes and scraps of ideas into something that feels and sounds exactly like you.

You’re in the right place. I can help.

Together, we can capture the life that’s shimmering through what you’ve started, and breathe the best version of your book into being.

I work with doctors, therapists, business innovators, spiritual teachers, poets and visionaries of every stripe—people whose stories and expertise change lives.

We feel our way to the essence of the work, and I give them whatever they need to move forward. Detailed notes on a manuscript, and a plan for proceeding. Deadlines and a sounding board. Structure. Coaching and feedback. Their best edit ever. Ghostwriting, from the ground up.

My clients are backstopped, guided and inspired every step of the way.

Their books happen.

Yours can too. It’s time.

Come on, let’s write this!